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Concept and Direction by John Garcia (Executive Director Producer, COLUMN Awards)

Choreography by C. Nicholas Morris (COLUMN subscriber, COLUMN AWARDS Resident Choreographer, COLUMN AWARDS WINNER)

Musical Direction by Jeff Crouse (COLUMN subscriber, COLUMN AWARDS Resident Musical Director, COLUMN AWARDS WINNER)

Associate Production Assistant-Monalisa Amidar (COLUMN subscriber, COLUMN AWARDS Board of directors)

The opening number for the COLUMN Awards Gala gives the performers a very unique, incredible opportunity to perform in front of the ENTIRE Dallas-Fort Worth theater community, local politicians, local area theater critics/media, and our very special celebrity guest stars. Think of this as your "audition" in front of an audience filled with directors, producers, Artistic Directors, choreographers, etc. Many past performers from our opening numbers have been called in to audition for future shows as a result from being seen performing in the opening number!

This year the opening number will be performing a medley from the Kander/Ebb musical CHICAGO. The artistic team is seeking the following:

MALE / FEMALE DANCERS WHO SING WELL: We are seeking high energy, physically fit male and female dancers with strong jazz & ballet experience. It is preferable that our dancers sing well in an ensemble, however, we will consider dancers that do not sing. Dancers need to have the stamina and performance showmanship to sustain a lengthy production number. Strong males, partnering experience, gymnasts and tumblers are all a plus! Due to limited rehearsal schedule it is best that you are able to get off book as quickly as possible.

***Please bring headshot and resume.


Saturday December 3, 2011:

2:00pm-Dance Call. EVERYONE must attend the dance call at 2:00pm. The studio will be open at 1:00pm so that you can arrive early to fill out audition form, change into dance clothing, and stretch. PLEASE DRESS TO MOVE. No jeans, etc. You will have time after dance call to change for the music audition.

3:30pm-Music audition. Please have prepared 16 measures of an up-tempo and ballad. We may or may not ask you to sing both. The Artistic team would prefer that you have a song from the Kander & Ebb music catalogue. Thus songs from CHICAGO, CABARET, etc. are acceptable. Please no rock and roll songs or songs from the Rogers/Hammerstein catalogue. Accompanist will be provided. Please have music in your key.

Sunday December 4, 2011: SAME SCHEDULE AS SATURDAY'S! You do not have to attend both. There will be NO callbacks.


6 murderesses of the Cook County Jail (AKA the "Cell Block Tango" girls).

Male/Female Company to dance and perform in two major numbers that are being "meshed" together. You are on stage THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE number!


VELMA: Must be sexy, incredibly strong stage presence, sensual. Must take command of a large stage and lead a large cast. Will be lead vocalist for "All That Jazz". Think Catherine Zeta Jones. Seeking belting soprano voice & strong dance background.

BILLY FLYNN: Handsome, debonair with incredibly strong stage presence. Must take command of a large stage and lead a large cast. Will be lead vocalist for "Razzle, Dazzle". Seeking belting tenor/baritone voice. Not a "dancing" role per se, but must be able to move comfortably around stage with large cast.

WHERE: Auditions & all rehearsals will be held at Park Cities Dance. 7979 INWOOD @ LOVERS (NW corner).

REHEARSALS: All Rehearsals are Sunday afternoons January 22-February 26 in Dallas from 2:00pm-6:00pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limited rehearsal schedule the artistic team really prefers performers who do not have a laundry list of conflicts. The less, the better!! YOU MUST LIST CONFLICTS ON AUDITION FORM.

PERFORMANCE NIGHT: Monday February 28, 2011 at the 2012 COLUMN Awards Gala at the Patty Granville Performing Arts Complex.

TO SCHEDULE AUDITION: Call is at 2:00pm, but we want to get a head count, so if you plan to audition, please email your name, email address, and phone number with preference of which audition date you wish to attend. Email at:

WALK INS: We will accept walk ins, however you still MUST attend the dance call on either day.


NOTE: There is no pay involved.