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Reviews for Current Shows

by C.J. Ehrlich and Philip J. Kaplan
Presented by Rover Dramawerks
Runs through 1/31/2015

Reviewed by Zach Powell,
Associate Critic for John Garcia's THE COLUMN

Last spring, Rover Dramawerks announced its first play contest. It invited and received participants from all over the world, offering cash prizes and production of the first-place winners during Rover’s fifteenth season. The Cupcake Conspiracy, written by New Yorkers C.J. Ehrlich and Philip J. Kaplan, won the category for full-length play and is now in production at Rover Dramawerks newest location.

The Cupcake Conspiracy farcically depicts two cases of mistaken identity, which leads to more trouble than one could imagine. Max is a retiring, socially-awkward man, soon to be divorced, and decides to meet his online paramour atop the Empire State Building. When he arrives, however, she is not quite as he pictured. But determined to turn over a new leaf and pursue a more adventurous lifestyle, he decides to continue on ...

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by Nell Benjamin
Presented by WaterTower Theatre
Runs through 2/8/2015

Reviewed by Charlie Bowles,
Associate Critic for John Garcia's THE COLUMN

For a few weeks WaterTower Theatre will be the image of London. The Explorers Club is a 19th-century London Gentleman’s club that caters to scientists and worldwide explorers. The all-male membership is interested in sharing and defending their particular scientific ideas, some of which aren’t truly accurate, but life is getting a bit more complex as a new explorer addresses the club and seeks membership. The problem is the explorer is a woman. Oh, the humanity!

The Explorers Club is also a new play by American playwright, Nell Benjamin, with a wicked comedy of irony, misunderstanding, and witty, though misguided pronouncements by members in the club. Their motto: “To Science!” Harry Percy (Thomas Ward) searches for the East Pole, since others found the North and South Poles already. Professor Sloane (Michael Corolla) ...

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by Larry Shue
Presented by Richardson Theatre Centre
Runs through 2/8/2015

Reviewed by Scott W. Davis ,
Associate Critic for John Garcia's THE COLUMN

How do you get people to laugh for a couple of hours - take them back in time to Terre Haut, IN in the late 70’s, throw cottage cheese on someone’s head, make people eat deviled eggs while trying to talk, and then add sand to their tea? I’d take them to Richardson Theatre Centre for The Nerd.

The Nerd is a comedy that comes as close to being a farce without crossing the line. It was written in 1981 but set in 1979. It’s about a young architect named Willum Cubbert who is landlord to his friends Tansy and Axel. Tansy, a young, attractive meteorologist and the woman Willum holds a candle for, announces she’s leaving Indiana to work in Washington DC. Alex, Willum’s other roommate, is a critic for ...

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