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Welcome to The Column Awards Voting Academy registration page

Round One voting is ONLY open to all ACTIVE members of The Column Awards Voting Academy.

What does ACTIVE mean: If you voted in last year's ROUND ONE and it shows on our master list that you did, then you are allowed to vote in this year's awards. HOWEVER if you did NOT vote in ROUND ONE last year you were removed from the Voting Academy. BUT, you can REJOIN the voting Academy, just go to the link and rejoin.

Membership in the Voting Academy will consist of 3 groups –

1. Past Column Award Winners:

Column Awards winners from the past 19 years – including the early years when Founder / Executive Director and Producer, John Garcia was the only one selecting the winners.

2. Theatre critics from the D/FW area

This includes Associate Theatre Critics for John Garcia’s The Column, and other publications including but not limited to – The Dallas Morning News, The Star Telegram, Dallas Voice, Dallas Observer,, D Magazine, etc.

3. Sitting members of The Column Awards Board of Directors

4. A Theatre Representative for theatre companies that have won at least one Best Play or Musical award.

Theatre companies are able to select one representative if they have ever won at least one award for Best Play or Musical.

Members of the Voting Academy must register.  The following information will be required:

  1. Full Name
  2. An email address that you have access to (verification is required)
  3. Year and category of latest award win, publication association or Board of Director designation.

Please note that Voting Academy members may vote in both rounds.


If you meet any of these qualifications then submit your
email address below to begin the registration process:

Email Address: