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The Awards
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The Awards
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The Awards

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Thank you for participating in the 21st Annual Column Awards.





Don't miss the 21st Annual Column Awards Gala to see the winners announced live.

Sunday, March 22, 2020
Irving Arts Center



The Ballot Features

1. Your votes are stored - If you don't have time to fill out the entire ballot at once you can vote at work for a few minutes and then login at home to finish voting. All of your votes are stored and can be edited by you until the voting round has closed.

2. Review your votes - Once you are completed voting you can click on "Review my ballot" to pull up a page that shows you all the nominees you have voted for and how many votes you have given them.

3. Skip Around - Now you can skip around the different voting categories to vote for the categories you wish.

4. Knocked out? No problem! - If you are automatically logged out of the ballot due to inactivity that is no problem. Just log in again, go to the category you were voting on and keep going. All of your previous votes are saved.

Please remember you must have all your votes cast before the voting closes!